Patent Services for the Small Business or Individual Inventor


We draft, file, and prosecute United States and international patent applications on your behalf or in cooperation with your technology transfer or corporate legal department. We work with a team of carefully-selected foreign associates to file and prosecute your patent application in countries outside of the United States for those seeking global patent protection.

Novelty Searches

A novelty search (also referred to as a ‘patentability’ or ‘prior art’ search) seeks to uncover existing documents and other published material that may affect the scope of your patent rights.

Freedom to Operate Searches

A freedom to operate (FTO) analysis is usually performed prior to launching a new product or technology to make sure the product is not covered by a third-party patent. We perform a thorough search of patent literature for issued or pending patents (and patent applications) whose claims may be relevant to your technology.

License Partner Searches

We analyze your patent(s) and seek out potential license partners who may benefit from using your technology in their businesses. We prepare a detailed list of prospective licensees and will contact them on your behalf, if you choose.

Re-examinations and Invalidity Searches

A re-examination request asks the United States Patent Office to reconsider an issued (enforceable) patent in light of evidence that was absent or overlooked during prosecution. We perform a search for invalidating prior art, then prepare and file your complete re-exam request.

State-of-the-Art Searches

This type of search is typically performed before embarking into a new market sector. The results of a state-of-the-art search report include a market survey of historical and current information relating to your particular field of endeavor, and is often considered the first step when contemplating launch of a new product. We utilize U.S. and international patent databases, libraries, online search engines, and other means to paint a “portrait” of the product market. Our search report includes information from patents, white papers, scientific papers and presentations, product brochures, technical manuals, and other sources, and is presented in an easy-to-read synopsis-style report to aid your business decisions.