About Us

Representing clients’ interests from simple machines to advanced technologies, Underwood & Associates is the firm of choice for those seeking high-quality patent services at affordable rates.

Underwood & Associates was formed to meet the growing need for quality patent prosecution and litigation support services at fair and competitive rates. Our services include drafting and prosecuting patent applications, conducting pre-patent searches, consulting in various fields of science, document review, and litigation support, among others.

We have particular experience in the fields of: lasers, optics, physics, chemistry, medical devices, nanotechnology, and alternative energy. We represent clients in other technology areas as well, including mechanical engineering, opto-electronics, and advanced materials. We prepare and file United States and international patent applications for utility and design inventions; we do not, however, practice in trademark, copyright, or other areas of law.

Guiding Principles

Predictable Cost.

No one enjoys receiving a surprise invoice, or an invoice for an amount that exceeds your expectations. We are completely up-front about our service rates and billing practices. Our clients’ feedback consistently highlights our dedication to eliminating surprises and respecting budgets as a main reason for choosing – and staying – with us.


Strong and diverse scientific backgrounds allow us to represent our clients’ interests in a wide range of technologies. We devote the necessary time and attention to ensure your intellectual property initiatives are completed in a timely manner and are consistently of the highest caliber.

Client Service.

We believe your patent counsel should be accessible and responsive to your patent intellectual property needs. For those that are new to the patent process, we take the time to explain the procedures and relevant laws so that you understand how the process works. We believe your journey through the patent system should be stimulating, engaging, and positive. Our clients appreciate our responsiveness, timely turn-around, and availability to discuss – and act on – emergent situations.

Take the First Step

We hear the question Is my idea patentable? all the time. To answer it requires analysis of four main elements of patentability*:

  1. Has the invention been described previously (is it novel)?
  2. Is it “non-obvious”?
  3. Does it possess utility?
  4. Is it patentable subject matter?

The first step is a patentability- or “prior-art” search. Our patentability search includes a thorough exploration of patent databases, scientific and trade journals, websites, catalogs, and other public information sources for documents that might affect patentability of your invention. We then analyze the search results in light of U.S. patent law, USPTO rules and regulations, and patent case law to provide you with an opinion of patentability. With those results, we work with you to develop a patent strategy that maximizes your intellectual property rights and is in harmony with your business objectives.

*United States requirements. Foreign jurisdictions may have similar requisites.