Flat-Rate Foreign and PCT National-Stage U.S. Patent Applications – $750.00

We understand foreign clients’ needs for predictable and affordable US national-stage (or national-phase) deriving from PCT applications and direct filing of foreign patent applications. That is why we are pleased to offer our flat-rate schedule for filing PCT national stage and/or stand-alone foreign patent applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Law firms around the world have benefitted from our services. We are able to handle urgent filing requests; often we can attend to same-day filing requests. We invite you to contact us to initiate a filing request.

Our $750.00 Flat-Rate Foreign and National-Stage (PCT) Filing Includes:

  • Conflict check
  • Preparation and coordination of all documents requiring signature of the inventor(s) and/or applicant
  • Preparation of all administrative documents required for filing with the application
  • Preparation of the non-provisional patent application, including screening for issues that would generate excess filing fees (e.g., excess claims, multiply-dependent claims, etc.)
  • Preparation of a Confirmatory Assignment and recordation of same with the US Patent and Trademark Office, when necessary
  • Preparation of an Information Disclosure Statement (when necessary), up to ten references
  • Filing the application and paying the application fees (we can assist in the determination of undiscounted, small- or micro-entity filing status)
  • Reporting the application as filed
  • Reporting the Official Filing Receipt when issued by the USPTO.
  • Application and filing process overseen by a USPTO registered, Ph.D.-level patent agent with over sixteen years of foreign and domestic patent preparation, filing and prosecution experience.

Our $750 flat-rate filing rate handles everything needed for the issuance of an official filing receipt. The flat fee does not include USPTO filing fees.