Eden Medical, Inc., Howard Lake, MN

US Patent No. 9046085

United States Patent No. 9,046,085 – Miniature Pumps

Eden Medical (formerly Korosensor.com, Inc.) was launched in 2000 to provide innovative healthcare solutions for screening sleep apnea, diabetic self-care and ostomy care. Eden’s engineers and scientists specialize in disposable medical device design for body-worn applications. Eden also develops image processing systems for patient care operating in the near- and far-infrared range. Eden is headquartered in Howard Lake, Minnesota and has a satellite office/fabrication facility in Buffalo, Minnesota.

In the pursuit of novel solutions for treating wounds and promoting wound healing, Eden Medical developed an expandable, miniature polymer pump for delivering bio-friendly chemotherapeutic agents directly to a wound site. The pump can also deliver adhesive sealants, drugs or other medicinal fluids. Eden’s miniature pump provides some very useful advantages, including:

  • The ability to dispense fluids, gasses, or gels from a storage container to a chosen location absent of a “traditional” external power source such as a battery or alternating current;
  • the ability to selectively expel or dispense a liquid or gel from a retaining vessel to a chosen location through the application of heat to the general surroundings of the pump;
  • providing an inexpensive, disposable pump having no moving mechanical parts, e.g., gears, or pistons, required to transport a retained volume of fluid from a storage vessel to a chosen location; and
  • the capability of wearing a lightweight, small, portable pump on a human or animal body, or implanted in a human or animal body for various applications, including the treatment of disease or ailment.

Eden’s miniature pumps are protected under US Patent 9,046,085 and other patents pending.